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Manage your digital marketing all in one place. Promote helps you sell more tickets without the hassle.

Promote you event on various social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter
Promote you event on various social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter

Why work with us?

Multi-Channel Marketing

On average, your attendee needs to see your ads a minimum of seven times to make a first impression.

Expert Campaign Creation

Stuck? We are here to help. Work with an expert to help guide you in your event marketing success.

Event Success

100,000+ successful marketing campaigns and counting! See what our event organizers have to say

Free Up Time

Handoff your digital marketing efforts to a dedicated campaign manager so you can focus on preparing for event day.

One Click and You’re All Set

Advertise your events on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more! The world's largest event-based network with traffic from millions of event attendees.

Easy-To-Use, Budget-Friendly Promotional Tools

Instantly create multichannel advertising campaigns for your events without having to worry about complex marketing strategies.

Digital marketing services

Digital Marketing Services

Increase ticket sales through digital marketing ads optimized for events.

Multi-channel campaigns Promote

Build strong multichannel campaigns in a few clicks. Promote

Trusted by 16,000 amazing companies!

In just one click, we promote your event to the right people. Your events are automatically advertised on the Network, Facebook, Instagram, Google and more to an audience targeted perfectly based on geography, interests, and affinity.

Add event

You add events

Add your event
or create a new one.

AI technology

Then, we handle the hard work

Our A.I. technology promotes your event through key marketing channels, including social media, email and the Network.

Track and analyze

You sit back and track the progress

Track and analyze your campaign clicks and impressions with in-depth stats and information. Promote Network

We instantly create perfect, tailored ads for your events and broadcast them on the entire Promote Network, Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat. EveryAd

Digital Marketing Services with EveryAd™

EveryAd is a marketing platform built specifically for events that helps you sell more tickets to virtual and in-person events across Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Automated event promotion
on social media

No more guesswork.
EveryAd's marketing campaigns will automatically find more ticket buyers across Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Event marketing strategies
built just for you

Perfectly crafted strategies make sure you’re covered across every part of your event marketing lifecycle.

Sell more tickets without increasing
marketing budget

EveryAd's technology works around the clock to make sure every dollar you spend increases ticket sales.

Upgrade your event marketing strategy

Solve your everyday marketing challenges with a single campaign. EveryAd uses artificial intelligence to provide you with winning marketing campaigns tailored to your event. On average our events see a 5x return on ad spend when using EveryAd to automate their digital marketing campaigns.

Talk to a marketing expert

    What our event organizers say! EveryAd™ is used by some of the biggest clients across music, endurance, and festival events to reach and sell to their ticket buyers across social media..

    “EveryAd has allowed us to reduce our marketing costs down by almost 60% and increase our ROI on those dollars by almost 7x.”

    Lonnie • HAL Sports

    “EveryAd has provided us with invaluable insights into our target audiences and helped us to hone our advertising strategies.”

    Morgan • In Motion Events

    “The team was right there for us, every step of the way. Their experience, expertise, patience, skill and foresight saved us—heck they made us. They knew the answers before we knew the questions.”

    Bill Walton, Bike For Humanity

    “ EveryAd was so helpful and user friendly allowing our first fundraising event to be an incredible success and make sure that we were able to effectively gain a ton of exposure and therefore exceed our fundraising goal. We will definitely be using it for our next event as we couldn't have done it without EveryAd!”

    Shannon Fay, Co-Founder of SoccerGrlProbs

    Custom Packages

    Don’t see what you’re looking for or have questions? Custom packages are available to fit your event marketing needs.

    Custom packages for marketing needs


    Can I use EveryAd for free?

    Absolutely. Use of the EveryAd platform is free for clients. We only charge a percentage of the converted revenue generated by the campaigns created through EveryAd.

    Does the EveryAd plan cover what I'm spending for my ads?

    No. Your spend on ads is connected to your Facebook ad account. The cost of the platform is free, but is separate from the amount you choose to spend on your campaigns.

    Can multiple people on my team access my accounts?

    Absolutely. Use of the EveryAd platform is free for clients. We only charge a percentage of the converted revenue generated by the campaigns created through EveryAd.

    What is a Campaign Strategist?

    A campaign strategist is a guide at who helps you build the best campaigns for your objectives. They’ll help you craft your audiences, advise you on your creatives, and work with you and your team to improve your performance over time.

    How many calendars will my event be listed on?

    Depending on where your event is taking place, your event will automatically be listed to our partner calendars within a 50 mile radius of your event.

    How much does it cost to boost my event or purchase a premier listing?

    Boosted listings start at $15 for a three day run on all partner calendars in the listing area. Premier listings are a per day listing and is first come first serve. Our partners set the premier pricing and start at $10 per day depending on the calendar.

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